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Animal Warning Reflectors

Strieter-Lite Deer Reflectors

Strieter-Lite Animal Warning Reflector

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Strieter-Lite Deer Reflector

Wild-animal highway warning reflectors are designed for installation along both edges of roadways, on either U-channel or square posts.  At night, the light from the headlights of passing vehicles strikes rows of prismatic reflectors, diverting the light into the surrounding terrain at approximately 90°, so it cannot be seen by motorists.  Properly installed, these reflectors provide complete roadside reflective light cover, to alert wild animals to the presence of traffic.

These reflectors help reduce collusions - which lessens injuries and fatalities, helps avoid costly vehicle repairs, and helps reduce insurance claims and premiums.  The real beauty of the Strieter-Lite Animal Warning Reflector is that it is a natural, non-obtrusive method of diverting animals away from the path of oncoming vehicles.  Please call for information.


The Strieter-Lite System is Eligible for Federal Funding.

Under the Hazard Elimination Program of the Federal Highway Administrations the Strieter-Lite system is eligible for 80% federal funding.

The newly enacted TEA-21 (Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century) provides matching funding for projects to reduce vehicle-caused wildlife mortality.


Here is a sample pic showing installation.

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