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Guardrail & Accessories

Guardrail & Accessories

Garden State Highway Products, Inc. is pleased to offer a wide variety of guardrail products and accessories. Nationally, over 6,277,000 people are involved in accidents each year, over 2,926,000 people are injured and over 42,600 people are fatalities. Guardrail plays a major part in saving the lives of people involved in many of those accidents.

Guardrail Along A Dangerous Curve

Guardrail can be put along any roadside - bridges, medians, embankments - basically any area where there is a risk of a vehicle going off the roadway. The most common form of guardrail is the W-Beam. The W-Beam consists of two "humps" and one "valley". Humps are rises that face towards the traffic (convex surface), while the valley (concave surface) points away from the traffic lane. The W-Beam Guardrail measures 13' 6 1/2" in length, 12 1/4" in height, and 3 1/4" in width. The lay length of the 13' 6 1/2" guardrail is 12' 6". This lay length represents the distance between the outermost post holes. Thus, a 12' 6" panel has post holes centered at 6' 3" apart. The thickness of the W-Beam Guardrail is 12 gauge or roughly 1/8" thick. The W-Beam Guardrail can be purchased for both straight and curved roads. A typical W-Beam specification is shown below.

A Typical Specification of a W-Beam Guardrail

Typical Post Spec.

Typical installation consists of a panel of guardrail attached to posts that have been pounded into the ground.  These posts are 4" in width, 6" in depth, and either 6' or 8' in length. The posts are spaced at intervals corresponding to the number of punches in the guardrail panel. Therefore, a 12' 6" piece of guardrail at 6' 3" post spacing requires 2-3 posts, depending on the need for a center post.

Guardrail is an effective barrier, as it can contain and redirect a vehicle. However, it is an extremely stiff object to impact directly at the end. Wherever guardrail stops, there needs to be something that not only provides sufficient anchorage for the rest of the "run" - but is also safe for vehicles impacting end-on. This anchor can range from a simple buffer when the guardrail is installed in a low-speed application, such as a parking facility or warehouse, to a full scale terminal system for high-speed roadways. The purpose of the terminal is to anchor the barrier, yet also to protect anyone that happens to hit the guardrail at this point. Garden State Highway Products, Inc. offers several types of end treatments including the single buffer, double buffer, and flared end. Both the single and double buffer ends measure 16 1/4" in height and 24" in length, with a radius of 6 5/16". A flared end measures 27 1/2" in length, 9" in depth, and 15 3/8" in height. In addition to these end treatments, Garden State Highway Products, Inc. offers a variety of high-velocity impact end treatments. Specifications and information on these end treatments can be obtained from any Garden State Sales Representative. Typical specifications for a single buffer, double buffer, and flared end are shown below.

Single Buffer End

Double Buffer End

Flared End

Side View

Side View

Side View

Aerial View

Aerial View

Aerial View

Off-Set Block Spec.

Often, between the post and rail there are offset blocks. These are 6" x 8" x 14" (typical) blocks used to bring the center line of the guardrail-to-post unit away from the post.  By offsetting this line, an impact against the rail at that point is buffered more effectively. The blocks are available in galvanized steel, wood, or plastic.  Galvanized steel blocks are strong and consistent. Wood blocks are effective off-set blocks; however, there are some environmental issues that degrade performance of the blocks over the serviceable lifespan. Recycled plastic blocks are relatively new to the safety industry and provide an environmentally friendly, durable, and consistent product.

Typical Rub Rail Specification

In addition to the basic guardrail configuration, a rub rail is sometimes used in certain geographical locations. This rub rail is the same length as the guardrail and is used to prevent cars from sliding underneath the guardrail. The rub rail is most often used on roads with high inclines or declines.

Corten "Weathering" Guardrail

Corten "Weathering" Guardrail

Also available from Garden State Highway Products, Inc. is corten "weathering" steel guardrail. Corten is a corrosion resistant steel that takes on a rust-colored appearance over time to create a more weathered and rustic appearance. Some of the major advantages of "weathering" guardrail are that it blends in well with surroundings and its maintenance and repair costs are low.

Guardrail Hardware

Perhaps the most overlooked aspect of guardrail is the hardware used for installation. Garden State Highway Products, Inc. offers both Splice and Post bolts & nuts. Splice bolts are 5/8" x 1 1/4". Post bolts are available in both 5/8" x 2" (used in Typical Guardrail Set-Up) and 5/8" x 10" (used in Guardrail Set-Ups with Off-set Blocks).

 Splice & Post Bolt & Nut Specification

Guardrail Delineators

The IBM™Guardrail Reflector

IBM™ Reflector

     The IBM™ Guardrail Reflector offers bright daytime and nighttime visibility by easily fitting over top of steel "I-Beam" guardrail posts. The IBM's thermoplastic formulation provides a smooth, high gloss surface which is extremely tough and durable and which will not shatter upon impact, even in sub-freezing temperatures. Your choice of reflective sheeting may be applied to one or both sides. The IBM reflector is available in a variety of sizes.


The Butterfly™ Guardrail Reflector

With a trapezoidal shape that makes it ideal for fit inside all "W-Beam" steel guardrail, the Butterfly is available in two styles: bolt-on and glue-on. These reflectors make guardrail highly visible for motorists in all weather conditions. Engineered from a high-impact, weatherable thermoplastic, the butterfly reflector will flex, instead of bend, on impact. The bolt-on style is best suited for installation during initial guardrail construction; the glue-on may be utilized at any time for maintenance or safety improvements. Both styles are available with a choice of reflective sheeting which may be applied to one or both sides.

  Bolt-On Butterfly™ Reflector     Glue-On Butterfly™ Reflector  


The Straight Guardrail Reflector

Straight Guardrail Reflector

The Straight Guardrail Reflector is a 13" high profile marker that provides excellent guardrail delineation for safer nighttime driving. The straight is a very cost effective flexible marker that can be quickly and easily attached to wooden guardrail posts. Installation requires only two nails or screws, and a couple of washers. The straight is available with a choice of Engineering Grade, High Intensity or Super High Intensity prismatic sheeting for superb nighttime reflectivity and to meet various state specifications.


The Flexi-Guide 427 and 527

The Flexi-Guide 427 and 527 are bright, high profile markers, 27" in total length, that can utilize up to 36 square inches of reflective sheeting. This makes them especially valuable at critical points along the roadway where vision may be partially restricted by hills, curves, deep snow and trees. The FG427 and 527 can be mounted on wooden guardrail posts so that the tops of these very flexible delineators are 48" from the surface of the roadway. With the upper portion extended high above the guardrail post, either the Flexi-Guide 427 or 527 can provide superior visibility for the motorist from great distances.

           Flexi-Guide 427                    Flexi-Guide 427       



For more information on any of the above products, please contact a Garden State Highway Products Sales Representative.

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